The Sacraments

For those wishing to have their children baptised - firstly you should be coming to Mass with them so that you, as a family can start to see that having a faith is about being committed to it.  When your children are baptised you are also saying "yes" to a set of Church guidelines which includes bringing your children to Mass every week. 
Secondly please do introduce yourself to the Parish Priest who will then inform you of what you need to know about Baptism in the Parish.  Added below to  this section, for your convenience is a link to the "Parish Application Form" for Baptism.  Please download it, fill it in and return it asap to the Parish Priest.  Upon reception of the form he may then set up a short course for you to attend with the Parish Baptism Catechist - only if you have never attended this course before!  Finally then a date can be set for the Baptism to go ahead, however Baptism in our Parish now only takes place within Mass during the weekend Mass times.  It may be at other times but this is done in very exceptional circumstances.

First Holy Communion
Catechesis for 1st Holy Communion takes place with a Catechist who is based in the Parish and has been CRB checked.  The children follow the course, "I Belong" which is deeply rooted in our Mass.  Each family is requested to buy the book needed for the course and which will be used by their child/ren each week with the Catechist - if this is a problem they can always speak to the Parish Priest about it.  Their child retains the book they have been working on at the end of the course.  Any child who is NOT currently in a Catholic Primary School is asked to get in touch with the Catechist in order that they maybe accomadated on the Parish Programme.
Please contact the Catechist under the heading of "Our Directory" on the home page.
Anyone aged 13+ (Year 8+) in our Secondary Schools is eligible to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation if THEY would like to do so.  Would any young person who wishes to receive this Sacrament please write a short letter/email, giving your full name, address and a contact telephone number so that the Parish Priest may contact you regarding the Parish Programme which usually begins around or just after Easter each year.
Holy Orders
This Sacrament is given to Young Men who have completed an approx 6 year course (sometimes more or less) in a Catholic Seminary.  The young man must show a committment to his faith, a love for God and and a willingness to faithfully preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Any Young Baptised Catholic may be eligible provided that they finish any course/s they may be on following leaving School.   If you are that Young perosn please speak with the Parish Priest whose details maybe obtained from the home page
Any couple requesting the Sacrament of Marriage is asked to ensure that they contact the Priest AT LEAST 6 months prior to the date of their marriage.  This is to ensure that both spouses have filled in the necessary forms first and then received a monthly meeting with the Parish Priest on the Spirituality of this wonderful Sacrament of true love.  If it is discovered that a couple have already been married and divorced before, they may be asked to seek an annulment first from the Archdiocesan Marriage Tribunal.  Couples are also asked to attend Mass on a weekly basis so that they can get to know the Parish Priest as well as the parish.

There is a suggested donation of £150 to be given to the Priest to cover fees of the Church and his own needs and this maybe given on the night /day of the practice prior to the wedding.

Sacrament of the Sick/"Last Rites"

This is a wonderful healing Sacrament which maybe administered at anytime particularly when a person is ill.  It can be given in Hospital or in the home and is seen as a help to those trying to recover from any serious illness or it maybe administered prior to a serious operation.  It is also the last Sacrament we receive and consists of set prayers and then anointing with the Sacred Oil of the Sick on the forehead and the palms of the hands.  It is only administered through the Priest.

To receive this Sacrament please contact the Parish Priest or let any of our Eucharistic Ministers know when they call, that you would like a Priest to anoint you or those ill.

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Sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation
Our Parish Priest will be hearing Confessions this week on:-
Every Saturday Evening   4.30 - 5.00pm
(Our Lady of Lourdes, Mountain Ash)
Every Sunday Morning 10.00 - 10.30am
(St Therese of Lisieux, Hirwaun)
Every Friday Afternoon 12.30 - 1.00pm
(In the summer month of August - Masses are held in Our Lady of Lourdes, Mountain Ash)
(St Joseph's, Aberdare)
Alternatively please contact the Parish Priest at anytime!